Thursday, September 6, 2007

About the tragedy of bad FM radio reception

Because from deep within the cube farm, I am desperate for distraction, yet destined for static.
Computers and small FM radios do not mix well in a small space. Out in the car, one can tune in over a dozen radio stations of various genres; here in the office, it's more like ... six. On a good day.
My meeting schedule runs kind of hot and cold; I might have a couple meetings or more every day for a week, and my radio state matters less; then, I might have a week with just one. These are the weeks that try women's headphones.
Because I need some distraction as I sit in a quiet office, staring at my computer screens (I have two) and waiting for something to happen.
(I should establish, I am sick of oldies. The '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s are so last century. And, my MP3 players is small, plus it's not working right.)
Here's my FM radio choices:
Very oldies station: Borders on Muzak. It's redeeming quality: news and weather on the half-hour.
Christian station: I flunk saintliness miserably, and listening makes me feel guilty.
Local high school station: Wildly disparate music list, from Lynard Skynard to P. Diddy. Often off the air entirely. Lame DJs.
Adult contemporary #1: W-aaaa-y too much dependence on '80s music. I. Just. Can't. Listen to "Walkin' On Sunshine" one more time. Just ride that wave away, Katrina.
Adult contemporary #2: Brags about their mix of music from '80s, '90s, and best of today. Their best of today is not bad, but when "Jack and Diane" fires up, it's time to station-surf (as if that does me any good). I mean, really, those two are probably going to their 25th high school reunion, and he's still got his hand down her pants!
NPR: The only "talk radio" I can listen to. Negatives: I am not fond of Diane Reihm and she is on for two hours in the morning. Also, sometimes the news can get depressing. However, still, my go-to station.
Full disclosure: I have XM radio in my car. I adore it. I want to marry it. I can hear lots of new music on it, AND it tells me what the name of the tune is, AND the artist!
Frustration: XM satellite signals do not travel through roofs or walls. So I can't bring it inside.
Filling up my MP3 with new stuff can get expensive. I've listened to it, and all my CDs, too many times. I even know my nature tapes by heart. Tweet, tweet, babbling brook.
Well, how about you? What's fillin' your ears?

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