Thursday, September 27, 2007

About bein' crafty

Last night I went to a Stampin' Up party, where one buys decorative stamps of all kinds, with the energetic expectation of making something with the stamps--like a greeting card. I went with the expectation of someone giving me a cookie, and I was not disappointed.
Since they gave me a cookie, I thought the least I could do was participate in the crafts, since that's why you have the party anyway. The construction involved sharp objects, but no fire, so I thought it was probably safe for me to try.
The Stampin' Up leader had samples for us to look at, and of course they were perfectly beautiful, and made you want to never buy another store-made card again, and devote your life to making works of art for all one's families and friends.
Or, not so much, but at least try to make the Halloween card she passed out supplies for.
I knew I was in trouble when the first thing we had to do was use this big roller-stamping thingy on a strip of paper. The stamp was of a Halloweeny-woods-and-bats kind of scene. And of course, although I tried FOUR times, I could not line the stamp edge up with the edge of the paper, and it looked my Halloween woods scene was cut off at the knees.
I told the rest of the party that an earthquake had occurred, and the fault line had shifted right at tree level.
The next step involved stamping three different color moons across the trees. Were my moons in a nice, straight line, such as the moon traces across the night sky? No. Of course not. My multi-colored moons looked as if the earthquake had been so strong as to knock the moon(s) right out of the sky, or at least disrupt their revolutions.
We then had to tie a ribbon around the strips-of-paper-and-Halloween-woods thing. I think the ribbon-tying was my strong moment. The only one.
Because then we had to affix the whole shebang to the card stock using double-sided tape. Let's just say an aftershock occurred, and the decorative-woods-and-ribbon part is rather artistically--in my view!--slanted across the front of the card.
So I ended up with a very scary Halloween card that is extremely geologically challenged.
The party was fun, anyway, and I did get that cookie.
So, how about you? What are you bein' crafty about today?

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