Friday, September 7, 2007

About bein' ready for some football

Why should someone like me enjoy football season starting? I blame my birthday.
Because it's in November. And I hate November. I hate November because it's when fall slips into winter, and I really, really hate winter. I hate cloudy skies, and I hate cold. I hate short days. Snow is pretty, but I hate driving in it, and I hate it when it gets half-melted and dirty. I hate sleet at all times. I hate cold winds.
The only good things about November are Thanksgiving, and Christmas season starting.
I love summer. I love it with every temperature receptor and light sensitive receptor in my body. I love Florida, where it's always summer. I love July, with its sunny days, hot temperatures, high humidity, and long daylight hours. I love greenness, flowers, wearing shorts and sandles, and going to the beach. I love the long lazy baseball games, in person or on radio or TV, when an inning stretches forever and the game's decided in one hard swing of the bat.
I'm a July kind of gal.
Only I'm not. I'm a November baby, of all ironies. A Scorpio. Born into the harshness of the Midwestern late-year environment.
Which brings me to the fall, and football. Of course the Colts won last night, and even through the TV, the excitement in Indianapolis--the concerts, the people, the "hoopla" (love that word!), the introductions, the Voices of Unity choir from Ft. Wayne helping out on the national anthem--even a July girl like me could have fun.
And that Appalachian State win over Michigan last weekend...what Buckeye didn't have a gleam in her eye over that one.
We'll make it to a high school football one of these weeks. And that's that Notre Dame weekend coming up. Plus, we're talking about going down to Bloomington and catching the Hoosiers. Maybe, with a lucky bid on eBay, we'll even get to see the Colts this year.
And I'll enjoy it all. I'll just hate fighting the meteorological elements to get to the games.
How about you? Are you ready for some football?

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