Tuesday, September 18, 2007

About my spam

The email kind, not the processed meat--although kind of.

Because going through it is one of the first things I do at work in the morning, and it is far from my favorite task. Matter of fact, sometimes it make me sick.

Our spam filter at work is pretty strict, and I have to go through it email by email because mixed in with all the mortgage offers and online pharmacies and the fortunes I've inherited from Nigerian widows, and, well, porn, are emails from normal (I must assume) people letting me know the deficiencies of our web site or a problem they had ordering or sometimes even a compliment.

You know, I seem to collect jobs that force me into gross tasks first thing in the morning. When I worked as an editor for the bowhunters, I opened all the mail. And those bowhunters, man, they were proud of the mammals they killed. And they wanted to share it. In pictures. Color. With me. Dead. Animals. At. Nine. In. The. Morning.

My spam grosses me out even more. I shall share a small sampling. In the interest of a family-friendly site, which we are here at I woke up thinkin', I am disguising the potentially offensive words, substituting the always-useful "W" as a clocking device, which I know you will thank me for, especially if you are reading this in the a.m. I am NOT correcting grammar, syntax, capitalization, and other scholarly problems:

Come and see the wrightest side of swoody
Wenis Enlargment Pills - Its weally works
Now, after taking Wonderwum for 1 month, we are both very wappy
You will be able to wenetrate weeper
You've got ED wroblem
A warger and more wuscular wenis is also more of a natural....
One set helps westes to product more werms
My bwanger is WUGE now thanks to these wuys
My woyfriend's wool keeps swipping out
My woyfriend's wecker keeps swipping out
Do you want to wenlarge your wenis?
Saved my marriage
A bigger wock will always be better
my wife has never been wappier
I just started having wex, and my woyfriend keeps wopping out
When I tried to give him woral wex, I wractically woked
Great wex? It is pwobable!
want your wanger to be bigger...
do yu shy due to shortWenis?

And the lesson here, class: There is none. Avoid spam at all costs.

So, how about you? Have you ever been wappier weading your spam?

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