Sunday, September 16, 2007

About I lied yesterday

Because it was not a day of rest, it was a day of busy, and I woke up thinkin' about all the day would hold. And my head almost exploded.
Hold onto your wig:
Friday: Get up, go to work. Work all morning, go to lunch with friends. Work all afternoon. Leave work and take a friend to her apartment and then on to the airport. Go home. Tony, Jayme and McKenna come over to spend the weekend because they have so much to do in town. Go down to Jefferson Pointe for dinner and shopping. Meet Ang and the girls. Guys leave to go to a high school football game. Girls shop and have Starbucks. Ang takes little girls and heads for home. Jayme, McKenna and I go home. Guys arrive shortly after. McKenna goes to bed. We exchange stories of the evening, watch the local news, and go to bed.
Saturday: Up at 7:15. Fix breakfast. Load up cars and go to Julian's football game, meeting Ang, Matt, and little girls. Jayme and Angela leave to work at Johnny Appleseed festival. Matt has to go round at the hospital. After the game (our team won!), the remaining grownups take the little girls back to Ang's. Greg and Tony go to get some breakfast at McDonalds while I watch the little girls. We eat and chill awhile. Matt gets home. Then we pack up and head for the festival, which is Pioneer Central, yet way too full of post-modern attendees.
We load McKenna in the stroller, take Caroline and Taylor by the hand, and head for the crowd. As it turns out Ang and Jayme did not have to work due to over-zealous scheduling. We meet them by the food tent and start hitting all our favorite food spots (caramel apples, sarsaparilla). We take the girls down to the kids area; I stand in line for corn bread. On the way out, we also hit the corn on the cob. Tony and Jayme leave first to get McKenna down for her nap; Ang and Matt take the girls home; Greg and I hit Steve & Barry's on our way home.
Everyone has a rest back at our house (Ang and Matt, at their house). Tony and Jayme get ready and go to their concert. Greg and I take McKenna to dinner at Pizza Hut, then grocery shopping at Meijer. We head home, play with McKenna awhile, then she goes to bed. We watch some college football, Tony and Jayme get home, we chill awhile, then it's off to bed.
Sunday: up about 8, get some breakfast, watch Sunday Morning. Greg and Tony go to golf (9 holes). Jayme and I do some house chores, especially after McKenna goes down for her nap. I work on laundry, too. The guys get home about 12:30, McKenna is up, we load up and go to lunch at Buckets sports bar so we can watch the Colts game. After we eat we head for Lowe's to buy a cabinet for my laundry area.
After we get home, the guys try to get the cabinet up, but some parts are missing and they have to go back to Lowe's. Jayme takes a nap and I play with McKenna. The guys get back only to find another part is missing so they give up and just watch football. We fix a light repast since lunch was so late. Ang, Matt and girls come over, bringing fresh apple pie and chocolate ice cream, the perfect dinner. Ang and Matt hang around a little, then take off to get ready for vacation; they are leaving for Vegas tomorrow and we are keeping the girls all week and will have Julian on Tuesday (it's his week at his dad's). Tony, Jayme, and McKenna leave; it was a blast to have them all weekend and it's saved them gallons of gas.
The girls will have their baths in a few minutes and go to bed; we will crash and watch Sunday Night football.
Next week: stay tuned. And take a deep breath.
So, how about you? If you're not too exhausted by reading this, what's keepin' you busy?

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