Monday, September 10, 2007

About weird organisms

Well, we were talking about work stuff and Jayme said, you know, I couldn't do Jen's job, and I asked, why?
Seems that Jen, a nurse, works in the Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unite (STICU) has to deal with a lot of particularly virulent germs. Like one that ate a poor woman's lungs!
"She has to deal with some weird organisms," Jayme said. "I couldn't do that."
"Oh yea we do," says me, "We both have to deal with some pretty weird organisms at work every day."
The light bulb illuminated over her head and she laughed.
"Oh yea I do...!"
I have worked with some potentially lethal organisms over the years.
I think particularly of Sue, who taught me what being stressed really was. Before anyone was a drama queen, she was. She led the pack in obsessive paranoia, and, being the daughter of doctors, and having a nursing degree in addition to her writing degree, she knew hypochondria and medication like she knew her last name. She was hyper and chatty and completely self-centered, and spending the day with her was like walking into a popcorn popper that never quit. I had no clue what "anxiety attack" meant until I met Sue. I don't think I've been the same since. My heart rate is still elevated after spending 8 hours a day in an office with her for two years. And this was in the '80s.
Then there was Brian. The worst kind of boss, unctuously caring, slyly backstabbing. Another obsessive compulsive (is there an epidemic?), victim of bad self-esteem, and passive aggressive to boot. What a joy to spend 10 years working with that man! I'd have terrible bad dreams about him, and he is the only fellow employee I ever felt like I carried around in my head with me. It took me two years after he retired to get rid of him.
So, how about you? What weird organisms are you tryin' to wash off your hands?

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