Friday, November 9, 2007

About bad TV

I'm finding it more than ironic that, during a short period of time when 1) I'm getting over being sick and trying to rest more and 2) have some time in the evenings, that there is just absolutely nothing on TV I want to watch.
If I were in the full bloom of my usual health, I would be using these hours for the project list I keep that keeps growing longer and longer. Like, I'd be cleaning out that computer desk I'm not going to use anymore, or emptying my pantry shelves and putting down shelf paper (which I've had for two years, ouch), or organizing all my filing.
Instead, I'm "recuperating" (doesn't that sound like something I should be doing to chickens that have gotten loose? [If, indeed, I had any chickens.] "Hey! Somebody! Help me recuperate these loose chickens! They got out!)
Greg keeps complaining it's the worst time of the sports year--baseball over (his main complaint), college basketball not yet in full swing, football concentrated on weekends.
And here we are, with new FIOS TV, and a DVR, and a shelf full of DVDs, and a 42-inch DLP to enjoy, and here's what I was reduced to watching last night:
The Parent Trap. The old one. On The Hallmark Channel.
And I enjoyed every minute.
I'm not into crime shows (that seem to be so popular with everyone else on the planet), I have reached my limit of being able to withstand lame sitcoms, and my reality show addition has been narrowed to American Idol (reality, such as it is) ever since The Amazing Race did the family thing and lost me.
I am a bad cook, my house decorating sucks, and the news is depressing (ruling out HGTV, Food Network and CNN).
The Parent Trap on our TV was beautiful--the colors and cinematography stunning. Haley Mills is no Lindsay Lohan (thank God) and Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara perfect as the parents. The way of life that's depicted --the clothes, the manners, the lifestyle -- in both Boston and California--that is so gone, it's like watching a period piece.
Did you know the movie was nominated for two Academy Awards?
Here's the bad part: I had to go to bed before it was over, in the name of recuperation (have to keep chasin' those chickens). The good part: I sure know how it ends (my kids watched this movie over and over again as they grew up in the '80s).
Anyway, it was fun, and maybe by next week I'll worry less about what's on TV and more about what I can cross off my to-do list.
Well, what about you? What bad TV are you watchin'?

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