Friday, November 23, 2007

About preparing for battle

How to enjoy shopping on Black Friday:
Don't participate in any 4:30 a.m. sales.
Don't expect too much.
If you've looked through the ads and seen something you're interested in, don't expect the store to still have it when you get there. Ask about rainchecks if you can find somebody.
If you can't find a parking space at a store, leave and come back another day.
If you go into a store and there is no end to the check out lines, leave.
Dress comfortably. High heels have no place on Black Friday shopping.
Dress in layers. Some stores are hot.
Take breaks. There are Starbucks on every corner and in Target for a reason. That reason is for you to get a latte, a piece of gingerbread, and sit down a minute.
Go with fun people. Do not shop with anyone who annoys you, pisses you off, drags you down, criticizes you (or your purchases), or is negative.
Do shop with people who crack you up, admire what you buy, have positive energy, and give good fashion advice.
Taking men and/or small children with you is probably not a good idea.
Have fun eating lunch somewhere.
Know what your budget is, and make at least a feeble attempt to adhere to it. If you must break the budget, have a good rationale ready for anyone you might have to account to.
Oh, if you see something you just really, really must have for yourself...well, be your own "secret Santa"! Wrap it up and give to yourself! Let everything think Santa really brought it.
Sometimes it's easier to use Black Friday to get yourself in the mood, start enjoying the decorations, and just reconnoiter for gifts you'll get on a more serious shopping trip.
Go home, put your feet up, order in pizza, and have a glass of wine!
How about you? Where are you shoppin'?

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