Tuesday, November 6, 2007

About a potpourri of things

First, things I am proud of:
1) I was graduated from college
2) I can put mascara on with my right hand (I am left-handed)
3) I use my right hand to use a mouse (see above)
4) I learned a lot about sports so I can talk to male family members
5) I can spell potpourri. Also, camaraderie.

Here's why I can spell potpourri: Because back in the day, when I used to work for the bowhunters, we had a section called Photo Potpourri. Not only did I get to open all the pictures of the dead animals and the proud bowhunters, but I learned to spell the name of the section. Yea, me!
And I learned to spell camaraderie because, well, bowhunters have a lot of it! In their articles (all of which I had to read), they were always experiencing camaraderie. I think that, because getting to smear smelly stuff on their persons, the thing they like best about hunting is that oh-so-hard-to-spell camaraderie!

And what inspires camaraderie among bloggers and blog readers than, a survey! Which, you will see a new one today, and, here are the results of the old one:
NOBODY wakes up thinkin' about lunch. Probably because they haven't tackled breakfast yet.
ONE person wakes up thinkin' about coffee. Which is kind of breakfast.
TWO people wakes up thinkin' about their fashion. Although I know some people who obviously NEVER think of their fashion, and seriously need to be on that What No To Wear Show.
And, an overwhelming SIX people wake up thinkin' about going back to bed! I think those people need some COFFEE!

Now, I had a serendipitous (hey, I can spell that one, too!) happening yesterday. Perhaps you will recall, I am sick. And, my birthday was Sunday. So, I dragged myself to work with the help of some cold medicine, which I was out of after my morning dose. So at lunch, I ran to Walgreen's to restock. And it was one of those kinds that you need to sign your life away to buy. This includes turning over one's driver's license.

And mine had expired on my birthday, so I couldn't buy the med! Even worse, here in Indiana the state legislature passed some draconian (another good one, huh?) voter ID law that you practically need to have your MOM with you when you vote to prove who you are. Or, your driver's license. And with our big mayoral race to decided today, I simply had to have my ID!

Thank goodness! The license branch was open (they are usually closed on Mondays) just so people with identity emergencies such as mine could fix them.

Which I did, tout de suite!

A long-winded way of saying, check your license, so you can vote tomorrow! Or, at least buy your cold medicine!

So, how about you? What weird word can you spell?

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Bartleby said...

Connoisseur. Mayonnaise. And pretty much all the others, I think.

It's not bragging; I didn't have anything to do with it. I'm my mother's son, that's all, and she was to orthography as Michael Jordan was/is to basketball. She didn't know how to misspell words, and I'm not very good at it, either.