Monday, November 26, 2007

About being worse than a baby

Traveling with babies is tricky, whether you're going by plane or car. Their sleeping schedules get all screwed up, their eating gets all discombobulated, and once you get back home, it takes a couple days to get back to normal.

I'm just like a baby.

So, four days spent visiting family, away from home responsibilities and habits. That's good.

Sleeping in four days straight--that has proved to be a very bad mistake. Being lazy, reading the paper and watching morning news and sipping tea for an hour or so after getting up--very bad idea. Eating too much Thanksgiving dinner, dining out at interesting places, wine-tasting--good idea, but very bad to one's fitness regime.

A baby gets back to normal easier than me!

When we left Indiana on Wednesday evening, it was just absolutely pouring rain. The holiday turned out good, through, if chilly, at least dry. (Good shopping weather! Good winery visiting weather!)

This morning, back to a cold, biting, windy rain. And I had to haul my behind out of bed, get ready, contemplate the day, and actually go out into it.


Well, I made it, and now I'm wondering how I'm going to get my healthy diet intentions back on track (but that fresh lake perch sandwich with sweet potato fries was so good, even if it did break my "no fried foods" rule!) while at the same time getting some exercise in (Hey, we walked all around the mall! And today I had to get up so early I'm exhausted!) and actually contemplate cooking half-way healthy food after all the eating out (goodness, I love Mexican food).

This just seems like too much for a Monday.

Here's the plan: I'll play some mind games, convince myself it's, like, a Thursday, pretend I slept in, sleep-walk (hey! it's walking!) through the day, and fix something not fried for dinner--not frying being healthy enough for today. I think.

After all, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day.

Well, how about you? Are you a big baby about your schedule?

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