Saturday, November 3, 2007

About when you lose your voice

Because I have. I sound like a frog. Matter of fact, I sound like a frog with a cold.
Luckily it's a slow weekend, so no one will miss my voice. It's a good thing I don't have plans to go to a football game, since I have no voice to cheer with.
Speaking of football, all the fans around here are mad because the Ohio State/Wisconsin game is on Big 10 network, which few people have on their cable, FIOS or satellite systems. Those football fans are raising their voices in protest about that lack.
And speaking of voices raised in protest, looks like there's some raised voices in Pakistan--makes me glad I live in a country where an election, if long-winded and contentious, doesn't result in a state of emergency.
And speaking of states of emergency, sounds like the now-extra-tropical storm Noel did his bit to cause a few--I had no idea there was a state of Tabasco, formerly believing it was simply a hot sauce. Hopefully those waters will be receding.
Speaking of hot sauce, I got to pick where we went to eat last night, 'cause it's my birthday on Sunday. And I chose Chinese, and ordered something like Hu Shaun Chicken, I know that's not right, quit laughing!, and our waitress asked if I wanted it spicy, and I said yes, and it was really good. Unfortunately, I've been blowing my nose ever since.
Speaking of Sunday, besides it being my birthday, it's the day that daylight savings time ends, so hey, everybody! Remember to change your clock! Fall back!
Speaking of time, it's time to go! 'Cause it's Saturday!
What are YOU speaking of?

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