Saturday, November 17, 2007

About moving

Not us, thank goodness. We're moving furniture around and cleaning stuff out, but this time, it's our daughter's family that's on the move.
Just last January, we helped move our son and his family, so the routine is plenty familiar. I was having a deja vu kind of feeling last night as we got started.
I specialize in unpacking boxes. I take great satisfaction in throwing empty boxes into the garage. I try to put stuff where people want it, but shoot! Even when you unpack your own boxes you end up moving stuff around, especially in the kitchen. You just decided you want the glasses there instead of here, and the casserole dishes on that shelf instead of on that one.
Because we mostly move people around town, it's all rental-truck-and-the-guys-move-the-heavy stuff. (Risking pulled muscles, heart attack and missing the big game.)
It's no wonder that people who hire movers ... LOVE it. (At least when they hire good ones, check for recommendations. Worked great for a young friend who just moved to Chicago.)
I still think you need to unpack your own kitchen.
I also think it pays to move every few years just to weed out one's stuff! Since it's been 10 years since we moved, I'm having to do it anyway--through stuff out, I mean, without the benefit of moving.
Well, how about you? Are you movin' and shakin'?

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