Thursday, November 8, 2007

About sports bars

Yesterday at work we went out for my birthday lunch, and we went to the new sports bar in Huntington.
I'm way too familiar with Huntington restaurants. We eat way too many lunches in a town that is way too small to offer much choice.
If I were a better person, I would pack healthy, inexpensive meals from home, but I am a bad, lazy, hungry person way too ready to spend money, so there ya go.
Anyway, this new place was called Wings Etc., and it seemed to me to be everything a sports bar should be. Lots of wood, colorful tables with the Wings Etc. logo (nice touch!), full menu of fully fried foods, lots of TVs with, what else, sports, and best of all, a good dessert!
It was not very busy, which helped. If it had been full on a Colts game afternoon, it probably would have been way to noisy and chaotic to enjoy.
The sports bar close to our house, Buckets, has gone downhill--in my girly opinion. When it first opened, it had the big TVs, it had the sports banners, all that decorating--but it had one great menu. It included a prime rib sandwich that was as fine a hunk of meat as you'd want. That sandwich is long gone, and we're back to the fried foods sports fans crave.
Ya know, if I croak of some artery-clogging disease, my family may be able to sue Huntington...hmmmmm. Especially after seeing this report on the CBS Evening News, thank you Katie Couric.
Well, how about you? What sports bar food are you cravin'?

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