Tuesday, November 20, 2007

About holiday weeks

Holidays always stretch beyond their calendar boundaries--for me, anyway. Holidays usually involve travel for us, so that adds another layer of preparation and planning.

And some holiday weeks sneak up on me sneakier than others.

This Thanksgiving has, for sure. I think because I was sick for the first week and a half of November, and I was so busy feeling sick and tired and "is it time to take my medicine?-ish" that the fact that Thanksgiving was coming didn't enter my stuffy brain. I was busy just trying to croak out words.

And as soon as I got better, we had our trip to IKEA that I'd been looking forward to for months, then the week after that, we had a move to help with.

And suddenly, wow!, it's Thanksgiving week! Where AM I?

If I had to cook, I'd be in a real mess, but thank goodness, even if I have that extra layer of packing and driving for three hours, I lose the meal planning/shopping/cooking/entertaining layer. And God knows I pack and drive (or ride) better than I cook!

With my sister all over the meal planning (most of it being catered), I'm concentrating on planning my fashion (mostly jeans) packing (tonight) and checking out where people want to shop on Friday (Crocker Park? Avon? Sandusky?).

So I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to catch my head up to the fact that Thanksgiving week is really here, whether I'm ready or not. Turkeys stop for no woman, you know.

Well, how about you? Are you ready for Thursday?

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