Wednesday, November 14, 2007

About cleaning out my dresser

Well, my new dresser from IKEA got put together last night (one to go for the roomie), and that means only, well, two things:
1) my bedroom is going to look much better with new dressers, yea! and
2) now I have to clean out my old one.

I've used the old dresser since about 1982 or '83, and indeed, it HAS been cleaned out since then. I just can't remember when that cleaning occurred. I think it was when I ran out of sock space back in 1998.

It's not a real big dresser--well, it's long, and has nine drawers--but the drawers are all really small. So I kind of had to get rid of some stuff to survive with it.

Still, theoretically, I might have 10-year-old socks and worse in this dresser. You know--10-year-old unmentionables of the underpants kind.

And, I know the lower-left drawer has a strange miscellany of stuff in it--shoulder pads I removed to keep from looking like a linebacker (or too '80s obsessed), scarves (I know I have kept one that was a Christmas present in the '70s from an aunt), all the extra buttons that come with stuff (quite the collection, in a shoebox) (and of course the one I need is never one of the ones I kept), receipts (do I really need that long-gone Hudson's receipt from 1988?), extra bra straps (for those multi-function bras), and God knows what else. Probably everything except money.

Not to mention what's on top the dresser, the jewelry case with the stuff I wear all the time, and the two with "legacy" jewelry in it, stuff I wore in the, oh God, '80s and '90s that for some reason is hard to part with. Oh and my pantyhose box, totally useless since I hate pantyhose and quit wearing them some time ago.

And my perfume, but all that's new.

I'm going to suck it up and get rid of the legacy stuff--if I want to remember it, I'll take a picture of it. My new dresser deserves only contemporary stuff.

The next project will be my husband-roomie's dresser, an even more challenging project--he has '70s stuff in his. I told him he's getting a couple plastic storage bins and his memorabilia is going in the basement!

Well, how about you? What legacy items are you going to get rid of?

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