Saturday, November 10, 2007

About wrinkly things

Because we're on a little trip today, and I was in a hurry to get ready, and realized I MIGHT NOT HAVE TIME TO IRON MY CLOTHES.
I'm trying to remember when my abhorrence of things not of a smooth persuasion began, and it's so long ago, I can't. I know I was in elementary school.
One of my first chores as a kid was to iron my dad's work dress shirts, and it was a chore I liked--I enjoyed the instant gratification of orderly smoothness and a tidy appearance out of the wrinkly mess out of the dryer.
I guess that just spilled over onto my own wardrobe, and I've been compulsively ironing ever since.
I don't like ironing en masse ... I don't feel the need to spend hours ironing. I'm more a one day at a time ironer. But by God, I'll iron that t-shirt if it looks a little too wrinkly to me.
Now, I have ruined just a t-shirt or two when ironing, mostly the ones that say, "do not iron." If tempted to iron, believe the tag! Go wrinkly!
And I do have to suppress the compulsion to kidnap any non-ironers in my life, strip them, and iron 'em up.
And I try not to judge any persons by their non-ironing behaviors--I remind myself there are much more important things about a person than the state of their ironing.
I even think I've been judged in the negative for being an over-ironer. Which I deserved.
Well, how about you? Ironer, or not?

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