Monday, November 19, 2007

About surviving Thanksgiving

As someone who dieted through two Thanksgiving (and ended up 60 pounds lighter, eventually) this article caught my eye, as I contemplated making it through another big meal without exploding!

The 942-calorie Thanksgiving dinner - TODAY Holiday Guide - "Don't deny yourself during the holidays, just make smart food choices"

This article has some good advice. Let me add a some from my own experience!

Most important! Don't eat anything you don't really love. If you don't really love turkey, but do love sweet potatoes, skip the turkey! Eat the potatoes!

Choose to eat those things you don't get all the time but really enjoy. How often we do get stuffing?

For example, I found I could skip the green bean casserole and never miss it, but I couldn't bear to think of not eating my mom's mashed potatoes and special turkey gravy.

I also skipped any vegetable that had been casseroled or sauced out of recognition (cheesy broccoli, creamed corn), but let myself enjoy a little ranch dip on the fresh veggies.

My best hint for pie: have some...but don't eat the crust! The crust is where more of the calories are (hello, lard!). That way, I could eat both a slice pumpkin and one of apple and not feel too guilty. I don't get pie everyday!

Since I love white meat, it wasn't hard to make that choice. And the hint in this article about using a tablespoon to measure out gravy is a good one.

I do love stuffing, but found it only takes about half as much as it did once upon a time to make me feel satisfied. Which leads to another hint: For your first serving of stuff, take small portions, and enjoy every bit. Try something new, if it's offered.

Then, if you have eaten slowly and still find you're craving something, go ahead with a small second serving. Hey, it's Thanksgiving!

I make it a game with myself--and the best thing is, I don't have that "I'm about to burst" feeling of old Thanksgivings. I really enjoy the meal.

If weather permits, we usually take a walk afterward, too.

And wine is always our beverage of choice!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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