Tuesday, November 20, 2007

About a little bling

I'm not a big jewelry person. Ask me to choose a present for my birthday, and I'll go for the gift certificate to B&N or Amazon every time over earrings or a necklace. Books are my obsession, not diamonds.
But bling has its place, and when I received a Kohl's gift certificate for my birthday, I thought I'd spend it on a little sumpin sumpin.
Kohls stores are filled with stuff, for sure, and their web site is even worse, and I have already written about the half-hour of my life I won't get back waiting for the CSR to help me after my online order seemed screwed up.
Which it was, but that's another post.
In one of those serendipitous coincidences that life loves, I recently was introduced to a line of jewelry that is sold at parties. Lia Sophia or something like that. (For someone not interested in jewelry, suddenly it seemed my life was overrun with it.)
Since it was my birthday, my daughter bought me a pretty necklace, and I bought myself a Christmas bracelet.
And best of all, the jewelry party had snacks! Yea, snacks! Almost as good as books!
But I do have two rings I really like (outside of my wedding ring, of course). I have a sapphire my mom got me for Christmas one year that is fashioned on Princess Diana's engagement ring. I've worn it so much it's no longer a circle, but rather a trapezoid thing that is probably making my finger grow funny. Should probably get that fixed, huh?
And I have a diamond with three stones that was my gramma's--I think it's practically antique. I have no idea how much it's worth--it's very sparkly, so I figure that either 1) it's really quite fake or 2) it's really not. Either way, I like it and don't care.
I wear my rings on my ring and middle fingers. And I marvel at people who wear them on their thumbs and/or first fingers,because I think that would drive me crazy. Can you wear them there?
Well, what do you think about a little bling? Is there something you like better?

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