Tuesday, November 27, 2007

About the most wonderful time of the year

Oh yes, the Christmas season, almost everyone's most favorite time of the year. Carolers singing, bells ringing, snow falling, lights glowing. Cookies baked, candies made, drinks consumed.
But the best of all:
That pile of stuff I ordered that I spy out the window by the door. Woo-hoo!
And real mail in the mailbox!
Who doesn't like getting mail--good mail, I mean. Not stupid grown-up mail, like bills and junk. But mail like invitations, letters, and stuff like that? And Christmas brings some of that! You might get an invitation to a Christmas party! And even if Christmas letters are lame, hey, it's a real letter! And sometimes Christmas cards have really nice personal notes and news and pictures.
And that pile of stuff...well, real confessions: Most of it was for me. Hey, I had to use that Sephora coupon for my FREE birthday-gift shea body butter, didn't I? And I had a Kohl's gift certificate for my birthday that HAD to be used online and HAD to be use RIGHT NOW, period!
The result being, a small pile of packages out the window that said, open me!
Now we're waiting for another package, a little more utilitarian but fun nonetheless: new phones. I think they'll be here tomorrow. Maybe I'll call you with my skin softened by body butter and my new earrings on!
Oh I'll get in the spirit--I'll be ordering stuff online for loved ones any day now, and it will be piles of stuff for other people.
Well, gotta go write out some real Christmas cards. How about you? Are you expecting any packages?

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